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a female given name: from Scandinavian, meaning “divine strength.”.
Contemporary Examples

Astrid was one of a handful of guests at the Duchess of Cambridge’s hen night party last year.
Harry’s ex-Girlfriend’s Father Commits Suicide Tom Sykes May 27, 2012

Astrid Grahn-Farley wrote in her school notebook, “me and mommy wait long line for presdint obama.”
Obama’s Fire Sale Gail Sheehy September 22, 2010

He was an amazing father,” said Astrid, 30, at the time of his death, “To everyone who knew him, he was a legend.
Harry Will Not Attend Memorial For His Ex Astrid’s Tragic Father Tom Sykes June 12, 2012

Run while listening to Astrid Gilberto signing Brazilian jazz.
Running the World Michael Chertoff July 24, 2009

Historical Examples

Astrid also came to King Olaf, with the men who had attended her; and great was the joy on all sides at this meeting.
Heimskringla Snorri Sturlason

Mrs. Astrid was much disturbed by them, and complained that they prevented her sleeping.
Strife and Peace Fredrika Bremer

But now Hjalte’s moody face fell upon Astrid, and he began to question her.
From a Swedish Homestead Selma Lagerlf

On Susanna’s entrance into the room Mrs. Astrid turned hastily to her.
Strife and Peace Fredrika Bremer

Knut, who was sitting in the house, laughed heartily, for he knew that Astrid had a habit of humming it when she sat at work.
The Bridal March; One Day Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Then came Mrs. Astrid; then Susanna; then Harald, who carried his arm in a sling.
Strife and Peace Fredrika Bremer

fem. proper name, from Norse, related to Old High German Ansitruda, from ansi “god” (see Asgard) + trut “beloved, dear.”


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