the science dealing with the structure and composition of planets and other bodies in the solar system.
the study of the structure, composition, and history of other planets and other bodies in the solar system

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  • Astroglia

    astroglia astroglia as·trog·li·a (ās-trŏg’lē-ə) n. See astrocyte.

  • Astrograph

    a navigational device for projecting altitude curves of the stars and planets onto charts or plotting sheets.

  • Astroid

    a hypocycloid with four cusps. noun (maths) a hypocycloid having four cusps adj. “star-shaped,” 1897, from Greek astroeides, from astron “star” (see astro-) + -oeides (see -oid).

  • Astrol.

    . . . abbreviation astrological astrology astrologer astrological astrology

  • Astrolabe

    an astronomical instrument for taking the altitude of the sun or stars and for the solution of other problems in astronomy and navigation: used by Greek astronomers from about 200 b.c. and by Arab astronomers from the Middle Ages until superseded by the sextant. Historical Examples See Chaucer’s own treatise on The astrolabe, which he […]

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