an expert in ; a scientific observer of the celestial bodies.
Contemporary Examples

The new Research Institute set features an all-female cast: a paleontologist, astronomer, and chemist.
Why It Took LEGO So Long to Get the Memo: Girls Like Science, Too Samantha Allen August 5, 2014

Calvin astronomer Howard Van Till was for years the leading evangelical champion of the Big Bang Theory.
The Christian Reformed Church Still Won’t Stand Up For Science Karl W. Giberson June 28, 2014

In 1859, astronomer Richard Carrington observed a strong solar flare that was directed at the Earth.
About That ‘World-Ending’ Solar Storm… Nicole Gugliucci July 27, 2014

“A lot of the critical details in the plot were a mishmash of ideas that made no sense,” astronomer Phil Plait wrote at Slate.
Meet Kip Thorne, the Man Who Crafted the Artful Science of ‘Interstellar’ Asawin Suebsaeng November 13, 2014

Historical Examples

I suppose that he, an astronomer, was twice as flabbergasted as the rest of us.
The Holes Around Mars Jerome Bixby

The astronomer was in bed on the morning of 11th February, 1576, when the message was delivered.
Great Astronomers R. S. Ball

But our astronomer was not without the reward of his work, even in his lifetime.
The Story of the Herschels Anonymous

The eighth picture depicted an astronomer who has not yet come into existence.
Great Astronomers R. S. Ball

He was not merely an astronomer and a geographer, but a poet and grammarian as well.
A History of Science, Volume 1(of 5) Henry Smith Williams

It might be thought that the anxieties of the astronomer about his book would then have terminated.
Great Astronomers R. S. Ball

a scientist who studies astronomy

late 14c., from astronomy (q.v.), replacing French import astronomyen (c.1300), which, had it survived, probably would have yielded *astronomian. Still in Shakespeare used in places where we would write astrologer.

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