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a brand of carpetlike covering made of vinyl and nylon to resemble turf, used for athletic fields, patios, etc.
Contemporary Examples

As cold as it was, the outside seating on the Astroturf was filled.
The Fourth War: My Lunch with a Jihadi Elliot Ackerman January 20, 2014

That’s not to say there’s any less an appreciation of perfect anatomy and impeccable tailoring on the Astroturf than in the Tents.
Hot Dogs! Rebecca Dana February 15, 2010

I remembered myself standing there, on the green Astroturf carpet, looking down at the cover of Hannah and Her Sisters.
Speak, Faulty Memory: Why Memoir Writing Is Harder Than You Think Dave Bry April 2, 2013

And that was before making it to a dark, covered, leaky passageway featuring wet blue Astroturf.
Security Meltdown at Republican Convention in Tampa Lauren Ashburn August 25, 2012

A ski slope, like the old Astroturf at Veterans Stadium, is the place knees go to die.
Down With Downhill Skiing! Bryan Curtis February 15, 2010

And in an interview with The Daily Beast, he dismissed the heckling as “Astroturf,” political shorthand for manufactured outrage.
Allen West: Democrats’ Prime 2012 Target Patricia Murphy May 15, 2011

The cafés were still full of people sitting on green Astroturf lawns, sipping tea that steamed at their lips.
The Fourth War: My Lunch with a Jihadi Elliot Ackerman January 20, 2014

The one we parked in front of had an Astroturf lawn and white picket fence.
The Fourth War: My Lunch with a Jihadi Elliot Ackerman January 20, 2014

In college, their hands are held by coaches and their world revolves around the Astroturf playing fields and the weight room.
How the Saints Players Betrayed the Football Brotherhood Gordon Marino March 20, 2012

noun trademark
a type of grasslike artificial surface used for playing fields and lawns

1966, proprietary name for a kind of artificial grass, so called because it was used first in the Houston, Texas, Astrodome, indoor sports stadium. See astro- + turf. Houston was a center of the U.S. space program.


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