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  • Asw

    Association of Scientific Workers. Contemporary Examples Antisubmarine warfare (asw) has not stagnated, but it shows signs of disarray. Tomorrow’s Stealthy Subs Could Sink America’s Navy Bill Sweetman May 11, 2014 asw assets and crews have been diverted to reconnaissance missions in overland and littoral wars. Tomorrow’s Stealthy Subs Could Sink America’s Navy Bill Sweetman May […]

  • Aswan

    Ancient Syene. a city in SE Egypt, on the Nile. a dam near this city, extending across the Nile. 6400 feet (1950 meters) long. Contemporary Examples Clashes also broke out in Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, and Assiut. Egypt’s New Wave of Violence Ursula Lindsey October 9, 2011 She also wrote Divieto di Soggiorno [Rejected], and The […]

  • Aswan dam

    aswan dam Aswan Dam [(as-wahn, as-wahn)] Dam just south of Aswan, a city in southern Egypt, on the Nile River. One of the world’s largest dams. Note: The United States and Britain withdrew financial aid for the dam’s construction in 1956, after which the Soviet Union took over much of the financing.

  • Aswan high dam

    noun a dam on the Nile forming a reservoir (Lake Nasser) extending 480 km (300 miles) from the First to the Third Cataracts: opened in 1971, it was built 6 km (4 miles) upstream from the old Aswan Dam (built in 1902 and twice raised). Height of dam: 109 m (365 ft)

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