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At one’s fingertips

the or end of a .
a covering used to protect the end joint of a .
extending to the fingertips, as a coat, veil, etc.:
a fingertip jacket.
at one’s fingertips,

close at hand; easily or immediately available.
at one’s command or disposal, as recall of factual information:
He has the answer at his fingertips.

to one’s fingertips, thoroughly; perfectly:
She was a politician to her fingertips.
the end joint or tip of a finger
another term for fingerstall
at one’s fingertips, readily available and within one’s mental grasp

1824, from finger (n.) + tip (n.). Related: Fingertips.

fingertip fin·ger·tip (fĭng’gər-tĭp’)
The extreme end or tip of a finger.
Ready at hand, immediately available. This idiom is used both literally, as in This new dashboard design keeps all the important controls at the driver’s fingertips, and figuratively, as in Tom was so familiar with the proposal that he had all the details at his fingertips. [ Second half of 1800s ]


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