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loss of coordination of the muscles, especially of the extremities.
Historical Examples

Does not get on feet when turned on side; ataxia well marked.
The Propaganda for Reform in Proprietary Medicines, Vol. 2 of 2 Various

His name was Sabathier, and for fifteen years he had been stricken with ataxia.
The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Emile Zola

It seemed he was suffering from a form of ataxia, rapid in its progress and very painful.
Doctor Pascal Emile Zola

Consequently it would be indicated under all circumstances where a nervous affection seemed to depend upon a state of ataxia.
Coca and its Therapeutic Application, Third Edition Angelo Mariani

She married a thirty-year-old active business man, in whom ataxia developed a year after marriage.
Degeneracy Eugene S. Talbot

The usefulness of electricity in ataxia has been denied by some authors, while others praise it indiscriminately.
Fat and Blood S. Weir Mitchell

He had no ataxia or loss of sensibility in the upper half of the body.
Fat and Blood S. Weir Mitchell

Slight scoliosis of the vertebral column and a misshapen right foot recalled Friedreich’s ataxia.
Tics and Their Treatment Henry Meigne

ataxia had declared itself; he was able to walk now only leaning on his servant’s arm.
Doctor Pascal Emile Zola

While I have used it with good effect in other conditions, it is in ataxia that I have found it of most value.
Fat and Blood S. Weir Mitchell

(pathol) lack of muscular coordination

also anglicized as ataxy, “irregularity of bodily functions,” 1610s, “confusion, disorder,” medical Latin, from Greek ataxia, from a-, privative prefix, + taxis “arrangement, order,” from stem of tassein “to arrange” (see tactics). Pathological sense is attested from 1660s.

ataxia a·tax·i·a (ə-tāk’sē-ə) or a·tax·y (ə-tāk’sē)
Loss of the ability to coordinate muscular movement. Also called dyssynergia, incoordination.
Loss of muscular coordination as a result of damage to the central nervous system.


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  • Ataxia telangiectasia

    ataxia telangiectasia ataxia telangiectasia n. A disease characterized by progressive ataxia due to disease in the cerebellum, oculocutaneous telangiectases, proneness to pulmonary infections, and immunodeficiency.

  • Ataxiaphasia

    ataxiaphasia ataxiaphasia a·tax·i·a·pha·sia (ə-tāk’sē-ə-fā’zhə) n. Inability to form connected sentences.

  • Ataxic

    loss of coordination of the muscles, especially of the extremities. Historical Examples With these methods, needing not more than twenty minutes three times a day, the ataxic symptoms sometimes rapidly diminish. Fat and Blood S. Weir Mitchell There are three stages: The preataxic, the ataxic, the bed-ridden paralytic. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice […]

  • Ataxic abasia

    ataxic abasia ataxic abasia or atactic abasia n. Abasia due to ataxia of the legs.

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