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a river in S central Louisiana, flowing S to an inlet (Atchafalaya Bay) on the Gulf of Mexico; a heavily engineered distributary of the Mississippi. 225 miles (362 km).
Historical Examples

During the Civil War, we are told, the Atchafalaya could be bridged by three carts, so that soldiers could cross.
The houseboat book William F. Waugh

The name of this bayou is Atchafalaya, or as it is commonly called, Chaffalio.
A New Guide for Emigrants to the West J. M. Peck

They proceeded up the Atchafalaya, and on the 14th found the enemy.
Campfire and Battlefield Rossiter Johnson

All day long we have voyaged along the Atchafalaya with a wind from—where?
The houseboat book William F. Waugh

The latter pressed on toward Alexandria, while the gunboats pushed their way up the Atchafalaya.
Admiral Farragut A. T. Mahan

How would you like to rule the house of the richest planter on Atchafalaya—eh?
The Octoroon Dion Boucicault

It is an almost immeasurable plain of grass, extending from the Atchafalaya on the north, to the Gulf of Mexico, on the south.
Norman’s New Orleans and Environs B. M. Norman

Bay on Salle is a small stream flowing into the bay of Atchafalaya.
Twelve Years a Slave Solomon Northup

So we make way for the bright and happy story of how Françoise made Evangeline’s journey through the dark wilds of Atchafalaya.
Strange True Stories of Louisiana George Washington Cable

His two next letters were written from Brashear City on the Atchafalaya river, but contained no explanation of his presence there.
Miss Ravenel’s conversion from secession to loyalty J. W. de Forest


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