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a form of infantilism caused by pituitary malfunction, characterized by a childish face and voice and associated physical underdevelopment, but not affecting intelligence.

ateliosis a·te·li·o·sis (ə-tē’lē-ō’sĭs, ə-těl’ē-)
Incomplete development of the body or any of its parts, as in infantilism and dwarfism. Also called atelia.
a·te’li·ot’ic (-ŏt’ĭk) adj.


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    ateliotic dwarf ateliotic dwarf n. A normally proportioned individual of unusually short stature.

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    atelo- atelo- or atel- pref. Incomplete; imperfect: atelectasis.

  • Atelophobia

    noun a fear of imperfection, defects Word Origin Greek atelos ‘imperfect’

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