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automatic transmission fluid
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Contemporary Examples

A month before Oklahoma City, the atf cut Howe off, concluding she was unstable, and a pipeline into Elohim City dried up.
Oklahoma City Bombing’s Unanswered Questions in New Book Michael Isikoff April 17, 2012

The nearest atf office is 32 miles away, in downtown Columbus.
A Report From the Misunderstood Gathering of the Juggalos Steve Miller July 27, 2014

The atf said he had applied for a Federal Firearms License, but was rejected for violating the federal Gun Control Act.
678 Firearms Is Quite the ‘Personal Collection’ Ilana Glazer April 10, 2013

B. Todd Jones is a former Marine, the U.S. attorney for Minnesota, and the acting director of the atf.
Who Is B. Todd Jones, and What Does the ATF Do, Anyway? Caitlin Dickson January 16, 2013

In May, congressional investigators released a Fast and Furious briefing paper from the atf.
ATF Shakeup in Mexico Drug Sting Corbin Hiar August 30, 2011

Beggs testified that Holmes purchased the guns and ammunition legally and cleared the background checks conducted by the atf.
Inside James Holmes’s Booby-Trapped Apartment Christine Pelisek January 8, 2013

Voth asked if the atf could arrest him for fraudulently accepting public assistance when he was spending such huge sums.
The Truth Inside the Conspiracy Theory David Frum June 26, 2012

atf would only see these guns again after they turned up at a crime scene.
Gun-Running Sting Blows Up John Solomon June 14, 2011

Perhaps an official director solely focused on the work of the agency is what the atf needs to get back on track.
Who Is B. Todd Jones, and What Does the ATF Do, Anyway? Caitlin Dickson January 16, 2013

Needless to say the acting head of the atf is in trouble over this.
The Latest American Outrages Leslie H. Gelb July 7, 2011


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