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pertaining to or characteristic of or ; containing, suggesting, or disseminating :
atheistic literature; atheistic people.

1630s, from atheist + -ic. Atheistical attested from c.1600.


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  • Athel

    a male given name. Historical Examples But those may laugh who win, and these things scarcely touched the happiness of Philip and Athel. Winter Evening Tales Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr “You must do as you think best, Athel dear,” said Aunt Bessy. It Never Can Happen Again William De Morgan

  • Athel tree

    an evergreen tree or large shrub, Tamarix aphylla, native to desert regions of western Asia and northern Africa, having small, pink flowers in terminal clusters, widely planted as a windbreak and ornamental.

  • Athelia

    athelia athelia a·the·li·a (ə-thē’lē-ə) n. The congenital absence of the nipples.

  • Atheling

    a man of royal blood; a prince. Historical Examples “Whom thou thinkest a nithing, O friend,” answered the atheling. Wulnoth the Wanderer Herbert Escott-Inman Nor was this all: in London, there had already formed a cabal in favour of the atheling. Harold, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton His espousal of the cause of Edgar the atheling led […]

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