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pertaining to , Greece.
a native or citizen of , Greece.
Contemporary Examples

The 28-year-old Athenian sex worker is feeling the effects of austerity in a different way than most are.
Prostitutes Are Scapegoated as HIV Panic Grips Athens Barbie Latza Nadeau June 16, 2012

Athenian sports paper Sport Day topped their front page with “Bankrupt Them” on Friday morning.
Soccer Diplomacy: Merkel, Greece Near Critical Final Round on Debt Barbie Latza Nadeau June 21, 2012

Historical Examples

This expedition fatally sapped the strength of the Athenian empire.
Historic Tales, vol 10 (of 15) Charles Morris

Neither would you approve of the delicacies, as they are thought, of Athenian confectionary?
The Republic Plato

Thus, almost automatically, the Delian League converted itself into an Athenian empire.
The World’s Greatest Books, Vol XI. Edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton

And knowledge is not true opinion; for the Athenian dicasts have true opinion but not knowledge.
Theaetetus Plato

But Plato had doubtless a higher purpose than to exhibit Socrates as the rival or superior of the Athenian rhetoricians.
Phaedrus Plato

The Athenian youth were not corrupted in this sense, and therefore the Sophists could not have corrupted them.
Sophist Plato

It is said that the Athenian State had in all but 350,000 inhabitants.
Discourses in America Matthew Arnold

To any Athenian gentleman—to the great Athenian statesmen of past times.
Meno Plato

a native or inhabitant of Athens
of or relating to Athens

Old English Atheniense (plural noun), from Latin Atheniensis, from Athenae (see Athens).


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