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physically active and strong; good at or sports:
an athletic child.
of, like, or befitting an .
of or relating to ; involving the use of physical skills or capabilities, as strength, agility, or stamina:
athletic sports; athletic training.
for :
an athletic field.
Psychology. (of a physical type) having a sturdy build or well-proportioned body structure.
Compare (def 2), (def 1).
Contemporary Examples

He lived for sports, and every neighborhood boy with athletic potential was drawn into his network.
‘Tracing the Blue Light’: Read Chapter 1 of Eileen Cronin’s ‘Mermaid’ Eileen Cronin April 7, 2014

Yet in academic fields and on athletic fields, the power of Title IX continues to be felt every day.
The Truth About Title IX Karen Blumenthal June 21, 2012

It took months to settle on the four mascots—hundreds were interviewed across all athletic levels.
Hulu is the New Netflix: Why You Should Watch ‘Behind the Mask’ Anna Brand October 29, 2013

Princess Charlene of Monaco, the athletic, South African bride of Prince Albert, is also with child.
Princess Charlene’s Monaco Nightmare Tom Sykes September 14, 2014

He is an immensely talented quarterback who has dedicated his entire life to athletic excellence and discipline.
Justin Bieber Isn’t Even 21, Yet Makes More Money Than Meryl Streep Amy Zimmerman November 24, 2014

Historical Examples

There were tennis and basketball courts, and other means of athletic enjoyment.
A Little Miss Nobody Amy Bell Marlowe

Richmond was slight of build, Charles vigorous and athletic.
The Historical Nights Entertainment, Second Series Rafael Sabatini

athletic regulations should not debar a student from playing summer baseball.
Elements of Debating Leverett S. Lyon

The man, though young and athletic, was emaciated and weary-looking.
The O’Donoghue Charles James Lever

Gladiators were chosen from the strongest and most athletic among slaves and condemned criminals.
The Trial of Jesus from a Lawyer’s Standpoint, Vol. II (of II) Walter M. Chandler

physically fit or strong; muscular or active
of, relating to, or suitable for an athlete or for athletics
of or relating to a person with a muscular and well-proportioned body See also somatotype

1630s (athletical is from 1590s), “pertaining to an athlete,” from Latin athleticus, from Greek athletikos, from athletes (see athlete). Meaning “strong of body; vigorous; lusty; robust” [Johnson, who spells it athletick] is from 1650s.


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  • Athletic heart

    nonpathological enlargement of the heart resulting from intensive aerobic exercise. athletic heart ath·let·ic heart (āth-lět’ĭk) n. Enlargement of the heart observed in some athletes.

  • Athletic shoe

    a shoe designed to be worn for sports, exercising, or recreational activity, as racquetball, jogging, or aerobic dancing. (def 1). Contemporary Examples Reebok, the athletic shoe company, has made him central to its drive to dominate that lucrative market. Shaq, Year One Charles P. Pierce May 23, 2014

  • Athletic supporter


  • Athletic support

    noun a more formal term for jockstrap

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