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(usually used with a plural verb) sports, as running, rowing, or boxing.
British. track-and-field events.
(usually used with a singular verb) the practice of exercises; the principles of training.
Contemporary Examples

Certain forms of talent we easily respect: talent at athletics, talent for entertainment.
I Was Adam Lanza, Part 3 David Frum December 22, 2012

athletics, by contrast, is more than generously funded and embraced as an essential part of our national life.
College Sports Programs Don’t Deserve the Bad Rap They Routinely Receive Michael Tomasky March 16, 2012

Afterwards, in the afternoon, campers pick between theater, dance, athletics, and crafts.
A Camp Away From Terror: Where Israeli and Palestinian Kids Find Common Ground Nina Strochlic August 3, 2014

That is, like all things, a matter of perspective (as well as being a question of whether one is a Giants or an athletics fan).
New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 1913: How We Celebrated 100 Years Ago Charles Emmerson December 30, 2013

His donations to academics and athletics have changed the realities of the school.
Where the Billions Will Go Tom Watson August 5, 2010

Historical Examples

Write a 500-word article on value of athletics to girls, giving proper method of dressing and naming activities most beneficial.
How Girls Can Help Their Country Juliette Low

Walter hated books and studying, and athletics, too, for that matter.
Alice Adams Booth Tarkington

Spunyarn had failed to catch the “tone,” Latin verse was a closed book to him, but he stuck to athletics.
The Pit Town Coronet, Volume I (of 3) Charles James Wills

Rowing is now a form of athletics at every college where facilities permit.
College Teaching Paul Klapper

Therefore, this gossip about the signal-stealing ability of the athletics has added to their natural strength.
Pitching in a Pinch Christy Mathewson

noun (functioning as pl or singular)

track and field events
(as modifier): an athletics meeting

sports or exercises engaged in by athletes
the theory or practice of athletic activities and training

c.1730, from athletic; also see -ics. Probably formed on model of gymnastics.


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