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athymia a·thy·mi·a (ə-thī’mē-ə)

The absence of emotion; morbid impassivity.

The absence of the thymus gland or the suppression of its secretion. Also called athymism.


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  • Athymism

    athymism athymism a·thy·mism (ə-thī’mĭz’əm) n. See athymia.

  • Athyroidism

    athyroidism athyroidism a·thy·roid·ism (ā-thī’roi-dĭz’əm, ə-thī’-) or a·thy·re·a (ā-thī’rē-ə, ə-thī’-) or a·thy·ro·sis (ā’thī-rō’sĭs, āth’ī-) n. The absence of the thyroid gland or the suppression of its secretion. a’thy·rot’ic (ā’thī-rŏt’ĭk, āth’ī-) adj.

  • Atigi

    noun a type of parka worn by the Inuit in Canada

  • Atilt

    with a or inclination; : Hold the bottle slightly atilt. with the lance in hand in . Historical Examples You purposely prolong his suspense; he is all atilt, expecting the delightful surprise. Autumn Leaves Various Father,” she began, atilt on the arm of his chair, “should you like to buy this house yourself? Polly of […]

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