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a combination of 1. and , used to form nouns from stems in -ate1, (separation); on this model, used independently to form nouns from stems of other origin:
indicating an action, process, state, condition, or result: arbitration, cogitation, hibernation, moderation Compare -ion, -tion

word-forming element for making nouns of action; see -ion.


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  • Atiptoe

    standing or walking on (usually used predicatively). eagerly expectant, as anticipating a desired event or arrival: waiting atiptoe for the mail. moving with caution or stealth, as avoiding calling attention to one’s presence: She walked atiptoe through the sleeping house.

  • Atyrau

    a port city in W Kazakhstan, at the mouth of the Ural River on the Caspian Sea.

  • Atircm

    atircm advanced threat infrared countermeasures

  • Atis

    atis A Tools Integration Standard

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