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Atlantic ocean

an ocean bounded by North America and South America in the Western Hemisphere and by Europe and Africa in the Eastern Hemisphere. About 31,530,000 sq. mi. (81,663,000 sq. km); with connecting seas about 41,000,000 sq. mi. (106,100,000 sq. km); greatest known depth, 30,246 feet (9219 meters).
Contemporary Examples

And a warmer Atlantic Ocean seems to have kept Sandy roaring toward New York and New Jersey.
Hurricane Sandy’s Unmistakable Message Michael Daly November 4, 2012

And we should all be grateful to Donald Trump for the entertainment he provides on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
Can Donald Trump Save Scotland? Alex Massie February 13, 2012

They spin over the Atlantic Ocean, where the worst of them gather speed.
Sudan Drought Breeds Violence Eliza Griswold July 2, 2011

October 1999: EgyptAir 990 dives into the Atlantic Ocean with 217 on board.
The Great Plane Crash Myth Ben Sherwood January 16, 2009

What if, heaven forbid, that plane had blown up in the skies over the Atlantic Ocean or above Michigan?
Obama’s Sleepy Response Nicolle Wallace January 5, 2010

Historical Examples

Twenty miles off, the ice masses, entirely separated, floated towards the Atlantic Ocean.
A Winter Amid the Ice Jules Verne

First we meet on the Atlantic Ocean, and next in the heart of the Adirondacks.
Dave Porter At Bear Camp Edward Stratemeyer

Johnny looked as dignified as if he had navigated ships across the Atlantic Ocean over and over again; but then, alas!
Dotty Dimple At Home Sophie May

It was like tossing a pint of water into the Atlantic Ocean.
Anderson Crow, Detective George Barr McCutcheon

You’ll find him across the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere in Europe, ma’am!
The Bride of the Tomb and Queenie’s Terrible Secret Mrs. Alexander McVeigh Miller

the world’s second largest ocean, bounded in the north by the Arctic, in the south by the Antarctic, in the west by North and South America, and in the east by Europe and Africa. Greatest depth: 9220 m (30 246 ft). Area: about 81 585 000 sq km (31 500 000 sq miles)

Second-largest ocean in the world, separating North America and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east.


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