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a supporter of close military, political, and economic cooperation between Western Europe and the U.S.


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    a legendary island, first mentioned by Plato, said to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean west of Gibraltar and to have sunk beneath the sea, but linked by some modern archaeologists with the island of Thera, the surviving remnant of a much larger island destroyed by a volcanic eruption c1500 b.c. Contemporary Examples The philosopher, […]

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    atlanto- atlanto- pref. Atlas: atlantoaxial.

  • Atlanto-occipital membrane

    atlanto-occipital membrane atlanto-occipital membrane at·lan·to-oc·cip·i·tal membrane (āt-lān’tō-ŏk-sĭp’ĭ-tl) n. The fibrous layer extending from the anterior arch of the atlas to the anterior margin of the great foramen. The fibrous membrane that attaches between the posterior arch of the atlas and the posterior margin of the great foramen.

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    atlantoaxial atlantoaxial at·lan·to·ax·i·al (āt-lān’tō-āk’sē-əl) adj. Relating to the atlas and the axis or to the joint between the two vertebrae.

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