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(def 2).
Historical Examples

B is walking with the atlatl in his hand, and armed with javelins.
Commentary on the Maya Manuscript in the Royal Public Library of Dresden Ernst Frsteman

An atlatl was the weapon which had replaced the stone axe in the stone age.
The Hohokam Dig Theodore Pratt

This suggests, of course, that this may have been a dart for use with a thrower or atlatl.
A Burial Cave in Baja California William C. Massey

The water jug, the aspergill, and the atlatl and quiver of lances disappeared from the table.
The Hohokam Dig Theodore Pratt

The derivation from atlatl, arrow, would seem more appropriate to the words of this hymn.
Rig Veda Americanus Various


Native American throwing stick, 1871, from Nahuatl (Aztec) atlatl “spear-thrower.”


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