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Atmospheric perspective

a technique of rendering depth or distance in painting by modifying the tone or hue and distinctness of objects perceived as receding from the picture plane, especially by reducing distinctive local colors and contrasts of light and dark to a uniform light bluish-gray color.
Historical Examples

To this linear perspective is added moreover an atmospheric perspective.
Chinese Painters Raphael Petrucci

Wang Wei established the principles of atmospheric perspective in the eighth century.
Chinese Painters Raphael Petrucci

another term for aerial perspective
a means of indicating relative distance in terms of a gradation of clarity, tone, and colour, esp blue Also called atmospheric perspective

in art, the perception of depth in nature as enhanced by haze in the atmosphere; how the appearance of objects is altered over distance by the effects of the air between the viewer and the object; also, the portrayal of this; also called aerial perspective

See atmospheric perspective


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