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Atomic energy authority

(in Britain) a government body established in 1954 to control research and development in atomic energy AEA


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  • Atomic energy commission

    a former federal agency (1946–75) created to regulate the development of the U.S. atomic energy program: functions transferred to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Abbreviation: AEC. Contemporary Examples By 1951, Maclean was head of the American department of the Foreign Office, with access to the US Atomic Energy Commission. What the Spies Knew: The Secret World […]

  • Atomic force microscope

    atomic force microscope atomic force microscope A microscope that uses a tiny probe mounted on a cantilever to scan the surface of an object. The probe is extremely close to—but does not touch—the surface. As the probe traverses the surface, attractive and repulsive forces arising between it and the atoms on the surface induce forces […]

  • Atomic heat

    noun the product of an element’s atomic weight and its specific heat (capacity) Historical Examples The atomic heat of a metal in the solid state is in most cases larger than six calories at ordinary temperatures. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 1 Various Estimated at constant pressure the atomic heat would be 3.5. […]

  • Atomic hydrogen

    hydrogen in the form of single atoms, rather than molecules, which makes it extremely reactive. Historical Examples The atomic hydrogen reaction stores more energy per gram than any other chemical reaction known. The Black Star Passes John W Campbell The atomic hydrogen tanks were full, and under the ship’s own power the oxygen tanks were […]

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