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Atomic structure

the structure of an atom, theoretically consisting of a positively charged nucleus surrounded and neutralized by negatively charged electrons revolving in orbits at varying distances from the nucleus, the constitution of the nucleus and the arrangement of the electrons differing with various chemical elements.
Historical Examples

We know comparatively little about atomic structure in relation to nervous organism.
Second Sight Sepharial

The lack of opportunity to watch the stars that might teach them something would delay their knowledge of atomic structure.
Islands of Space John W Campbell

Deeply engrossed, I watched the graph which recorded the characteristic waves of atomic structure.
Autobiography of a YOGI Paramhansa Yogananda

“Well, you know what happens when a photon comes in contact with the atomic structure of matter,” Kato said.
The Mercenaries Henry Beam Piper

His own atomic structure mingled with that of the alien thing and yet, for a moment, he retained his Earthly form.
Wanderer of Infinity Harl Vincent

The shrinkage may be all in the crystalline lattice: the atomic structure may be unchanged.
The Mercenaries Henry Beam Piper

the concept of an atom as a central positively charged nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons surrounded by a number of electrons. The number of electrons is equal to the number of protons: the whole entity is thus electrically neutral


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