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an apparatus for reducing liquids to a fine spray, as for medicinal or cosmetic application.
Historical Examples

Always boil the nozzle and clean out the bottle when the atomizer is to be put away.
Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts Girl Scouts

Simply spray it on with an atomizer and sweep with a suction hose.
Learn to Invent, First Steps for Beginners Young and Old S. E. Clark

Here it is produced by the mixture of a gasoline spray—similar to the fine spray of an atomizer—with the air.
The Romance of Aircraft Lawrence Yard Smith

Then she went to the shelf in the dressing-room, where the atomizer box stood.
Polly of the Hospital Staff Emma C. Dowd

Sage flavoring extract is sprayed over the curd by an atomizer.
The Complete Book of Cheese Robert Carlton Brown

These applications should be made by means of an atomizer, a different atomizer being used for the patient and nurse.
The Eugenic Marriage, Volume IV. (of IV.) Grant Hague

After milling, the sage extract flavoring is sprayed over the curd with an atomizer.
The Complete Book of Cheese Robert Carlton Brown

“Well, I don’t want no atomizer loaded with rot-gut and garlic shot in my mug,” growled Blackie.
The Oakdale Affair Edgar Rice Burroughs

Chief Grindstaff placed a device like an atomizer under Whedbee’s nose and released the spray.
Stopover Planet Robert E. Gilbert

The Russian tea machine and the steam pulverizer (atomizer) are effective but only for a short time.
Scientific American Supplement, No. 392, July 7, 1883 Various

a device for reducing a liquid to a fine spray, such as the nozzle used to feed oil into a furnace or an enclosed bottle with a fine outlet used to spray perfumes or medicines

1865, agent noun from atomize.

atomizer at·om·iz·er (āt’ə-mī’zər)
A device used to reduce liquid medication to a fine spray or aerosol.


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