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Atrial auricle

atrial auricle

atrial auricle n.
A small conical pouch projecting from the upper anterior portion of each atrium of the heart. Also called auricula atrii, auricular appendage, auricular appendix.


Read Also:

  • Atrial chaotic tachycardia

    atrial chaotic tachycardia atrial chaotic tachycardia n. Tachycardia originating from several foci within the atrium, often confused with atrial fibrillation.

  • Atrial complex

    atrial complex atrial complex n. The P wave in an electrocardiogram.

  • Atrial conduction

    atrial conduction atrial conduction n. See intra-atrial conduction.

  • Atrial dissociation

    atrial dissociation atrial dissociation n. Independent beating of the two atria or of parts of the atria.

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