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Att. gen.

attorney general.
Attorney General
attorney general


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  • Att’y.

    att’y. attorney

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    (used as an enthusiastic expression of encouragement or approval to a boy, man, or male animal.) Contemporary Examples He was censured by his colleagues in the House but given an “attaboy, Charlie!” The Daily Beast 2010 Political Awards Samuel P. Jacobs December 20, 2010 Historical Examples In the ominous silence a cracked voice yelped: “attaboy […]

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    begin immediately (directing a performer to go without pause to the next section). Historical Examples attacca subito il seguente—attack at once that which follows. Music Notation and Terminology Karl W. Gehrkens Lætitia was, and could see her way to nothing but obeying the direction on her music, which was attacca. Somehow Good William de Morgan […]

  • Attach to

    to fasten or affix; join; connect: to attach a photograph to an application with a staple. to join in action or function; make part of: to attach oneself to a group. Military. to place on temporary duty with or in assistance to a military unit. to include as a quality or condition of something: One […]

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