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to fasten or affix; join; connect:
to attach a photograph to an application with a staple.
to join in action or function; make part of:
to attach oneself to a group.
Military. to place on temporary duty with or in assistance to a military unit.
to include as a quality or condition of something:
One proviso is attached to this legacy.
to assign or attribute:
to attach significance to a gesture.
to bind by ties of affection or regard:
You always attach yourself to people who end up hurting you.
Law. to take (persons or property) by legal authority.
Obsolete. to lay hold of; seize.
to adhere; pertain; belong (usually followed by to or upon):
No blame attaches to him.
Historical Examples

Taxis and fiacres flew flags and bunting from all attachable places.
“And they thought we wouldn’t fight” Floyd Gibbons

Vises on somewhat this principle can be bought, attachable and detachable at will.
Woodworking for Beginners Charles Gardner Wheeler

The shooting-board can be used to advantage for short pieces (see Shooting-board), and attachable guides can also be obtained.
Woodworking for Beginners Charles Gardner Wheeler

His bonhommie, his gentle and attachable nature do not allow it.
A Trip to Cuba Julia Ward Howe

Sibbald prints it as a K, a letter without any attachable meaning.
Archaeological Essays, Vol. 1 James Y. Simpson

A special Corps of Pioneers, attachable to any unit which might need them, had been organized to handle this novel weapon.
Raemaekers’ Cartoon History of the War, Volume 1 Louis Raemaekers

Similar indicator ribbons are attachable to the back gage for screw, cable, chain, and metal tape movements.
Paper-Cutting Machines Niel, Jr., Gray

A one-half inch eye-piece, a micrometer eye-piece, and an attachable mechanical stage are very useful additions.
A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis James Campbell Todd

verb (mainly transitive)
to join, fasten, or connect
(reflexive or passive) to become associated with or join, as in a business or other venture: he attached himself to the expedition
(intransitive) foll by to. to be inherent (in) or connected (with): responsibility attaches to the job
to attribute or ascribe: to attach importance to an event
to include or append, esp as a condition: a proviso is attached to the contract
(usually passive) (military) to place on temporary duty with another unit
(usually passive) to put (a member of an organization) to work in a different unit or agency, either with an expectation of reverting to, or while retaining some part of, the original working arrangement
to appoint officially
(law) to arrest or take (a person, property, etc) with lawful authority
(obsolete) to seize

1570s, from attach + -able.

mid-14c. (mid-13c. in Anglo-Latin), “to take or seize (property or goods) by law,” a legal term, from Old French atachier (11c.), earlier estachier “to attach, fix; stake up, support” (Modern French attacher, also cf. Italian attaccare), perhaps from a- “to” + Frankish *stakon “a post, stake” or a similar Germanic word (see stake (n.)). Meaning “to fasten, affix, connect” is from c.1400. Related: Attached; attaching.
see: no strings attached


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