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any of a line of kings, usually named Attalus orEumenes, that ruled Pergamum, in Asia Minor, 282–133 b.c.
Historical Examples

In Aeolis, of course, the centre of gravity moved to the Attalid capital, Pergamum.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 2 Various

The Attalid kings, the founders of Pergamon, cared only for splendid buildings splendidly adorned.
Ancient Town-Planning F. Haverfield


Read Also:

  • Attalus i

    (Soter) king of Pergamum 241–197 b.c.

  • Attalus ii

    (Philadelphus) king of Pergamum c159–138 b.c.

  • Attalus iii

    (Philometor) king of Pergamum 138–133 b.c.

  • Attapulgite

    a clay mineral, basic hydrous silicate of magnesium and aluminum, the active ingredient of fuller’s earth.

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