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having primary responsibility for a patient.
holding a staff position in an accredited hospital.
to be present at:
to attend a lecture; to attend church.
to go with as a concomitant or result; accompany:
Fever may attend a cold. Success attended her hard work.
to take care of; minister to; devote one’s services to:
The nurse attended the patient daily.
to wait upon; accompany as a companion or servant:
The retainers attended their lord.
to take charge of; watch over; look after; tend; guard:
to attend one’s health.
to listen to; give heed to.
Archaic. to wait for; expect.
to take care or charge:
to attend to a sick person.
to apply oneself:
to attend to one’s work.
to pay ; listen or watch ; direct one’s thought; pay heed:
to attend to a speaker.
to be present:
She is a member but does not attend regularly.
to be present and ready to give service; wait (usually followed by on or upon):
to attend upon the Queen.
to follow; be consequent (usually followed by on or upon).
Obsolete. to wait.
Contemporary Examples

Lawrence, 43, entered the filmmaking world while attending film school at Loyola Marymount University.
‘Mockingjay’s’ Mastermind: Francis Lawrence on the Book vs. Movie, ISIS Parallels, and More Marlow Stern November 22, 2014

Baroness Thatcher, who rarely goes out in public anymore, is not attending.
Cherie Blair Avoids Her Old Enemy The Queen Tom Sykes July 23, 2012

News that Palin is attending the screening is sure to attract press from all over the world—as did the first leg of her bus tour.
Sarah Palin Documentary ‘The Undefeated’: Palin Will Attend Iowa Premiere Shushannah Walshe June 24, 2011

Caro spent the Nieman year immersed in study—reading, taking classes, attending lectures—about government and urban planning.
‘The Power Broker’ Turns 40: How Robert Caro Wrote a Masterpiece Scott Porch September 15, 2014

Her support for the Countryside Alliance did see her plead guilty to attending a hare coursing event in 2007.
The Week in Death: Clarissa Dickson Wright, One of ‘Two Fat Ladies’ The Telegraph March 21, 2014

Historical Examples

I have no merit in my duties of attending, governing, and lecturing these wild boys.
The Kangaroo Hunters Anne Bowman

The staff had fallen into the way of attending Wilson’s operations.
K Mary Roberts Rinehart

While the others are enjoying themselves, the mediums and the hosts are attending strictly to the business in hand.
The Tinguian Fay-Cooper Cole

During the past two months I have been attending a number of Conventions.
The Ministry of Intercession Andrew Murray

After he was gone, and while Leigh was attending him to the door, Mrs. Leigh and Grenville kept a few minutes’ dead silence.
Westward Ho! Charles Kingsley

to be present at (an event, meeting, etc)
when intr, foll by to. to give care; minister
when intr, foll by to. to pay attention; listen
(transitive; often passive) to accompany or follow: a high temperature attended by a severe cough
(intransitive; foll by on or upon) to follow as a consequence (of)
(intransitive) foll by to. to devote one’s time; apply oneself: to attend to the garden
(transitive) to escort or accompany
(intransitive; foll by on or upon) to wait (on); serve; provide for the needs (of): to attend on a guest
(transitive) (archaic) to wait for; expect
(intransitive) (obsolete) to delay

c.1300, “to direct one’s mind or energies,” from Old French atendre (12c., Modern French attendre) “to expect, wait for, pay attention,” and directly from Latin attendere “give heed to,” literally “to stretch toward,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + tendere “stretch” (see tenet). The notion is of “stretching” one’s mind toward something. Sense of “take care of, wait upon” is from early 14c. Meaning “to pay attention” is early 15c.; that of “to be in attendance” is mid-15c. Related: Attended; attending.


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