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to the; at the; with the.
Also, au.
Symbol, Chemistry, .
angstrom unit.
Contemporary Examples

When the earthquake struck, Buck Close was driving in a car on the outskirts of Port au Prince.
What I Saw in Haiti Buck Close January 14, 2010

Jim Adelman, the general manager at au Bon Climat in California’s Santa Barbara County, shares this concern.
The Myth About Old Wine Keith Wallace January 25, 2010

Marmur says—”au naturel” being a relative term in Manhattan.
The One Good Thing Michele Bachmann Did: Proudly Blurt Out Her Age Judith Newman January 7, 2012

Here we see an au naturel Moore, bra-less in faded rock T-shirts and vowel-mangling California accent.
Julianne Moore’s Dangerous Beauty Gina Piccalo July 6, 2010

Sure, she was more expensive than an au pair, but, we congratulated ourselves, she spoke English and she knew what she was doing.
Kate Hired a Spanish Nanny And Who Can Blame Her? English Nannies Suck Tom Sykes March 13, 2014

Historical Examples

I knew he had never been to Germany before, and was au courant with the harmless nature of his mission.
Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons Henry Charles Mahoney

She is going to the coast for the season, and I called to-night to say au revoir.
A Breath of Prairie and other stories Will Lillibridge

The doctors grinned sardonic disgust; intimated that a serious danger was threatening society, and hinted an au revoir.
My Experiences in a Lunatic Asylum Herman Charles Merivale

“‘Say au revoir, but not good-by,’” sang Miss Sherborne sentimentally.
Cap’n Warren’s Wards Joseph C. Lincoln

She has been au courant of the whole affair for the last fortnight—that is, as an on-looker.
The Marriage of William Ashe Mrs. Humphry Ward

Chemical symbol
African Union
Also a.u.. angstrom unit
Also a.u.. astronomical unit

chemical symbol for “gold,” from Latin aurum “gold” (see aureate).

French, “at the, to the,” from Old French al, contraction of a le, with -l- softened to -u-, as also poudre from pulverem, chaud from calidus, etc. Used in many expressions in cookery, etc., which have crossed the Channel since 18c., e.g. au contraire, literally “on the contrary;” au gratin, literally “with scrapings;” au jus, literally “with the juice.”

The symbol for the element gold.

AU abbr.
Latin auris utraque (each ear)
The symbol for gold.
Abbreviation of astronomical unit
Symbol Au
A soft, shiny, yellow element that is the most malleable of all the metals. It occurs in veins and in alluvial deposits. Because it is very durable, resistant to corrosion, and a good conductor of heat and electricity, gold is used as a plated coating on electrical and mechanical components. It is also an international monetary standard and is used in jewelry and for decoration. Atomic number 79; atomic weight 196.967; melting point 1,063.0°C; boiling point 2,966.0°C; specific gravity 19.32; valence 1, 3. See Periodic Table. See Note at element.

1. The two character country code for Australia used in Internet domain names.
2. audio.
astronomical unit
angstrom unit
Latin auris uterque (each ear, both ears)


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