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from the founding of the city (of Rome in 753? b.c.). The year 360 A.U.C. would be the 360th year after the founding of Rome.
in the year from the founding of the city (of Rome in 753? b.c.).
Contemporary Examples

Using military force and intimidation, the auc took back areas across the country that were controlled by the rebels.
The Facebook Hit List Murders Constantino Diaz-Duran August 24, 2010

abbreviation (indicating years numbered from the founding of Rome, taken as 753 bc)

ab urbe condita
anno urbis conditae

area under curve
Latin ab urbe condita (from the founding of the city [of Rome in 753? B.C.])
anno urbis conditae (in the year from the founding of the city [of Rome in 753? B.C.])


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