Auction bridge

a variety of bridge in which odd tricks won in excess of the number named in the contract are scored toward game.
Compare (def 5).
Historical Examples

auction bridge was her dissipation and I have heard she played a masterly game.
Vacation with the Tucker Twins Nell Speed

In auction bridge slight intimations convey much information.
Auction of To-day Milton C. Work

Writers on games declare that auction bridge is more of a “gambling” game than ordinary bridge.
Book of Etiquette, Volume 2 Lillian Eichler Watson

I have just finished reading an article by an expert in auction bridge, and it has left me in a cold sweat.
Of All Things Robert C. Benchley

“I’m satisfied; it’s your lead;” he dropped with some gracefulness into the parlance of auction bridge.
Mountain Clement Wood

There are two kinds of bridge; one, known as auction bridge is for three players.
Book of Etiquette, Volume 2 Lillian Eichler Watson

Cashley, the fleet paymaster, was vainly endeavouring to get up a four at auction bridge.
Pincher Martin, O.D. H. Taprell Dorling

auction bridge is played with cards, just like pinochle, with the exception of the beer.
You Should Worry Says John Henry George V. Hobart

His explanation that he had had the good fortune to win them at an auction bridge party was rejected by the Court.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, April 5, 1916 Various

The game of auction bridge may be divided into three species.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, September 29th, 1920 Various

a variety of bridge, now generally superseded by contract bridge, in which all the tricks made score towards game

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