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W(ystan) H(ugh)
[wis-tuh n] /ˈwɪs tən/ (Show IPA), 1907–73, English poet in the U.S.
Contemporary Examples

Proust liked to have two cups with milk, but Auden, quite to the contrary, only took one.
What Do Great Artists’ Routines Reveal? Alexander Aciman May 8, 2013

The poet Auden said, “Thousands have lived without love; none without water.”
‘Mission Blue’ Warning: The Ocean Is Not Too Big to Fail Sylvia A. Earle August 14, 2014

Historical Examples

Auden Spoon-bill went along parallel to the shore of the river until he saw Delilah standing in the pale green water.
My Friend Annabel Lee Mary MacLane

Life, said Auden Spoon-bill, is pretty fine, no matter how it is arranged.
My Friend Annabel Lee Mary MacLane

Then along the bank from the direction of the date palms came Auden Spoon-bill, he who had gone to Delilahs heart.
My Friend Annabel Lee Mary MacLane

W(ystan) H(ugh). 1907–73, US poet, dramatist, critic, and librettist, born in Britain; noted for his lyric and satirical poems and for plays written in collaboration with Christopher Isherwood


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