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Electronics. designating an electronic apparatus using audio frequencies:
audio amplifier.
of, relating to, or employed in the transmission, reception, or reproduction of sound.
of or relating to frequencies or signals in the audible range.

the audio elements of television (distinguished from ).
the circuits in a receiver for reproducing sound.
the audio part of a television broadcast.

the field of sound recording, transmission, reception, and reproduction.
a combining form used in the formation of compound words, with the meanings: “sound within the range of human hearing” (audiometer); “hearing” (audiology); “sound reproduction” (audiophile).
Contemporary Examples

At any time, someone could have a small video camera, audio recorder, or cell phone camera.
“Bittergate” David Plouffe November 2, 2009

Could you imagine how amazing this video would be with audio???
The Video of Solange Attacking Jay Z Is Deeply Upsetting and Also Fantastic Kevin Fallon May 11, 2014

And if you loved music, your goal in life was to be able to afford the best Harmon Kardon audio equipment.
The Music of Sidney Harman Hilary Rosen April 15, 2011

Several television networks declined to play the audio on their newscasts.
Release the Newtown Photos! Dean Obeidallah December 4, 2013

A jumble of split screen video, audio snippets, on-site reporting, and commentary cut-aways followed.
Up To a Point: Binge Watching Putin’s Propaganda Network P. J. O’Rourke September 19, 2014

Historical Examples

I’d better have an audio screen set up around this whole area.
Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung Victor Appleton

“Pick him up,” the Captain turned and ordered the audio controller.
The Circuit Riders R. C. FitzPatrick

By trial and error Jason brought in the audio for the stations he wanted and tried to follow the course of the attack.
Deathworld Harry Harrison

To the Thawing Wind (audio) He calls on change through the violence of the elements.
A Boy’s Will Robert Frost

Though all stations were on the screen at all times, their audio channels could be controlled.
Deathworld Harry Harrison

noun (modifier)
of or relating to sound or hearing: audio frequency
relating to or employed in the transmission, reception, or reproduction of sound
of, concerned with, or operating at audio frequencies
combining form
indicating hearing or sound: audiometer, audiovisual

“sound,” especially recorded or transmitted, 1934, abstracted from prefix audio- (in audio-frequency, 1919, etc.), from Latin audire “hear” (see audience).

word-forming element meaning “sound, hearing,” from comb. form of Latin audire “hear,” (see audience); first used in English as a word-formation element 1913.

audio- pref.

Hearing: audiology.

Sound: audiogenic.

file format
Sound, one component of multimedia. Computers (and audio compact discs and digital audio tape) work with digital audio, in contrast to vinyl disks or analogue tape.


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