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an official examination and verification of accounts and records, especially of financial accounts.
a report or statement reflecting an audit; a final statement of account.
the inspection or examination of a building or other facility to evaluate or improve its appropriateness, safety, efficiency, or the like:
An energy audit can suggest ways to reduce home fuel bills.
Archaic. a judicial hearing.
Obsolete. an audience.
to make an audit of; examine (accounts, records, etc.) for purposes of verification:
The accountants audited the company’s books at the end of the fiscal year.
to attend (classes, lectures, etc.) as an .
to make an audit of (a building or other facility) to evaluate or improve its safety, efficiency, or the like.
to examine and verify an account or accounts by reference to vouchers.
Contemporary Examples

In the auditing process, adherents may disclose details of their personal life, and a record of the audit is placed in a file.
Will Scientology Sway Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s Divorce? Matthew DeLuca July 3, 2012

The audit estimated that $176 million in undeserved Pell Grants had been awarded that year.
Gaming the Financial-Aid System Kathleen Kingsbury January 3, 2010

A member of the audit committee engaged a special-committee counsel before that committee was composed.
I Was Right Conrad Black April 2, 2009

Karzai received 54.6 percent of the vote, but if an audit brings the tally below 50 percent, it will trigger a second round.
Start From Scratch in Afghanistan Haroun Mir October 12, 2009

“I had unanimous support for my ‘audit the Fed’ bill from Republicans, and Boehner was a co-signer,” he said.
John Boehner’s GOP Headaches Benjamin Sarlin, Samuel P. Jacobs January 5, 2011

Historical Examples

And then there are rent-days, the audit and winding up of tradesmen’s accounts.
Desperate Remedies Thomas Hardy

It is, of course, understood that this audit is strictly in confidence?
Roden’s Corner Henry Seton Merriman

Remembering what passed between us one night at the deanery—the audit night—can you wonder that I do not oftener come?
Mildred Arkell, (Vol 3 of 3) Ellen Wood

audit the account, and do not let me give you a false statement of the debt.
The Republic Plato

The treasury may also submit certain other accounts to the audit of the comptroller-general.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 8 Various


an inspection, correction, and verification of business accounts, conducted by an independent qualified accountant
(as modifier): audit report

(US) an audited account
any thoroughgoing check or examination
(archaic) a hearing
to inspect, correct, and certify (accounts, etc)
(US & Canadian) to attend (classes, etc) as an auditor

early 15c., from Latin auditus “a hearing,” past participle of audire “hear” (see audience). Official examination of accounts, which originally was an oral procedure.

mid-15c., from audit (n.). Related: Audited; auditing.

The examination by an outside party of the accounts of an individual or corporation.


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