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a person appointed and authorized to examine accounts and accounting records, compare the charges with the vouchers, verify balance sheet and income items, and state the result.
a university student registered for a course without credit and without obligation to do work assigned to the class.
a hearer; listener.
Contemporary Examples

Bar-Fields had served two years in the Navy and now worked two jobs back in Texas, one of them as a night auditor at a hotel.
Following Joshua Foer to the USA Memory Championship Rob Verger March 31, 2012

And for their services — as Autonomy’s auditor — they got a nice fee.
How HP’s Disastrous Deal Blows a Hole in Consulting Alex Klein November 20, 2012

The auditor also said there were suspicious transactions, including the questionable movement of $100,000 in campaign funds.
The Fall of California Democratic Campaign Treasurer Kinde Durkee Christine Pelisek March 28, 2012

Six out of seven statewide elected officials, from governor on down to auditor, are Democrats.
How to Turn a Red State Blue Michael Tomasky August 1, 2013

Once the document was produced, the auditor checked it off his list, DiPascali said.
Madoff Henchman Rats Out Co-Workers Allan Dodds Frank December 2, 2013

Historical Examples

In recent years the comptroller, or the auditor, as you may prefer to call him, has become more and more of a statistician.
The Modern Railroad Edward Hungerford

On the erection of Cuyahoga county, he was its first auditor.
Cleveland Past and Present Maurice Joblin

In very grave cases, they could be accompanied by some auditor, if necessary.
The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 E. H. Blair

I don’t think that will be necessary; the auditor can’t force me to pay.
The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

Never was auditor more easily moved by the transitions of the tale from tears to smiles, and from smiles again to tears.
Charlemont W. Gilmore Simms

a person qualified to audit accounts
a person who hears or listens
(Austral & US, Canadian) a registered student who attends a class that is not an official part of his course of study, without actively participating it

early 14c., “official who receives and examines accounts;” late 14c., “a listener,” from Anglo-French auditour (Old French oieor “listener, court clerk,” 13c.; Modern French auditeur), from Latin auditor “a hearer,” from auditus, past participle of audire “to hear” (see audience). Meaning “receiver and examiner of accounts” is because this process formerly was done, and vouched for, orally.


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