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Auditory pit

auditory pit

auditory pit n.
One of a pair of depressions, one on either side of the head of an embryo, marking the location of the future auditory vesicles.


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  • Auditory receptor cell

    auditory receptor cell auditory receptor cell n. A columnar cell in the epithelium of the organ of Corti having hairs. Also called Corti’s cell.

  • Auditory reflex

    auditory reflex auditory reflex n. A reflex in response to a sound.

  • Auditory tube

    auditory tube auditory tube n. See eustachian tube.

  • Auditory vertigo

    auditory vertigo auditory vertigo n. See Ménière’s disease. Historical Examples There is an auditory vertigo, which is called a noise in the head, explained in No. 7. Zoonomia, Vol. I Erasmus Darwin

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