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[lee-uh-pohld;; Hungarian ley-aw-pawlt] /ˈli əˌpoʊld;; Hungarian ˈleɪ ɔˌpɔlt/ (Show IPA), 1845–1930, Hungarian violinist and teacher.
Historical Examples

Auer himself has assured me that I have a trill that runs on and on without a sign of fatigue or uncertainty.
Violin Mastery Frederick H. Martens

The observations of Auer and Meltzer7 are of interest in this connection.
The Toxicity of Caffein William Salant

For the same sum, the Auer burner, therefore, burns six times more and the Denayrouse nine times more than the butterfly.
Scientific American Supplement, No. 1082, September 26, 1896 Various

We are all standing close by her, in the full light of the Auer burners.
Mysterious Psychic Forces Camille Flammarion

The Auer burner has re-established the equilibrium, and the Denayrouse burner is perhaps going to decide the fate of electricity.
Scientific American Supplement, No. 1082, September 26, 1896 Various

I do not believe that you can tell an Auer pupil by the manner in which he plays.
Violin Mastery Frederick H. Martens

During the levitations of the table the salon is lighted by a strong Auer burner.
Mysterious Psychic Forces Camille Flammarion

Auer had his little secrets, too, with which he was loth to part.
Violin Mastery Frederick H. Martens

The demand is formulated in the most comprehensive manner in the Auer Motion.
The Theory and Policy of Labour Protection Albert Eberhard Friedrich Schffle

Das hat sie nur so gesagt, weil sie wute, da keiner Dich haben sollte, Auer mir!
Aus meinem Knigreich Carmen Sylva

Karl (karl), Baron von Welsbach. 1858–1929, Austrian chemist who discovered the cerium-iron alloy used for flints in cigarette lighters and invented the incandescent gas mantle


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