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A large mineral grain or grain cluster having the shape of an eye in cross-section and occurring in foliated metamorphic rocks such as schist and gneiss. Augens form when large mineral crystals are sheared and deformed during the process of metamorphism.
Historical Examples

Einen mit groen augen anschauen, a phrase expressing surprise and astonishment.
Aus meinem Knigreich Carmen Sylva

Kauf bedarf hundert augen; Verkauf hat an einem genug—One who buys needs a hundred eyes; one is enough for him who sells.
Dictionary of Quotations from Ancient and Modern, English and Foreign Sources James Wood

But as he was come before the towne of augen in the moneth The earle of Flanders wounded.
Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (3 of 12) Raphael Holinshed

Die augen sind weiter als der Bauch—The eyes are larger than the belly.
Dictionary of Quotations from Ancient and Modern, English and Foreign Sources James Wood

Sie dachte, es seien die Thrnen, die ihre groen, mden augen zum ersten Male fllten.
Aus meinem Knigreich Carmen Sylva


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