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a city in Bavaria, in S Germany.
Contemporary Examples

This week, the pope granted the resignation of Walter Mixa, the bishop of Augsburg from his native Germany.
The Cardinal Who Got Away Barbie Latza Nadeau May 10, 2010

John J. Scullion, S.J. Minneapolis: Augsburg Publishing House, 1984.
The Backstory of ‘Noah’ Is Full of Giants, Horny Angels, and a Grieving God Tim Townsend March 27, 2014

The authorities in Augsburg flatly refused to speculate over what it was worth.
The Man Who Hoarded Art for the Nazis Christopher Dickey, Nadette De Visser November 4, 2013

Historical Examples

“When we begin to yield, we always yield more,” wrote he to his ministers at Augsburg.
History of the Great Reformation, Volume IV J. H. Merle D’Aubign

Papa was at Augsburg yesterday, and has just come home, and it is all to come off the week after next.
Linda Tressel Anthony Trollope

This was notably the case with the early works printed at Ulm, and in a somewhat lesser degree at Augsburg.
Arts and Crafts Essays Various

When Augsburg was taken, Charles felt that he was not safe at Innspruck.
The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 9 Various

Holbein was born at Augsburg, in 1495 or 1496, into a family of artists.
A History of Wood-Engraving George Edward Woodberry

The following year finds him at Coburg, while the diet sat at Augsburg.
Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 3 of 8 Various

Had it been possible, she would have returned the gift as she did the alms at Augsburg.
Complete Short Works Georg Ebers

a city in S Germany, in Bavaria: founded by the Romans in 14 bc; site of the diet that produced the Peace of Augsburg (1555), which ended the struggles between Lutherans and Catholics in the Holy Roman Empire and established the principle that each ruler should determine the form of worship in his lands. Pop: 259 217 (2003 est) Roman name Augusta Vindelicorum (aʊˈɡuːstə vɪnˈdɛlɪˌkəʊrəm)


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