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Informal. .
Contemporary Examples

All right, children: it’s time for aunty Megan to bore you with how things were In Her Day.
The Absurd Lies of College Admissions Megan McArdle March 31, 2013

Today, in contrast, if Grandma Maude starts one in Maine, aunty Carol can directly help out from California.
Why Every Home Needs a Drone This Holiday Charlie Gilbert December 7, 2014

Historical Examples

aunty Nan was lying with her eyes fixed on the pale pink climbing roses that nodded about the window.
Chronicles of Avonlea Lucy Maud Montgomery

I invented that name, and a country and a language for them, which only aunty May and I know.
W. A. G.’s Tale Margaret Turnbull

My passengers said, “aunty, mayn’t we have a swim in the surf along the shore?”
Sailing Alone Around The World Joshua Slocum

Then aunty Edith stopped crying and tied a veil over her face.
W. A. G.’s Tale Margaret Turnbull

It is a rough life, aunty, but a wholesome one if a fellow loves it as I do, and has an anchor to windward as I have.
Jo’s Boys Louisa May Alcott

aunty May writes stories, too, only she uses a typewriter and I use a pencil.
W. A. G.’s Tale Margaret Turnbull

aunty May said maybe he did; and a white house where I guess the soldiers got something to eat and drink.
W. A. G.’s Tale Margaret Turnbull

So just to keep George happy, aunty Edith gave him that to do.
W. A. G.’s Tale Margaret Turnbull

(Austral) an informal name for ABC2 (sense 2)
noun (pl) -ies
a familiar or diminutive word for aunt
(Austral, informal, derogatory) an older male homosexual
(Brit) an informal name for the BBC
(Austral, informal) the Australian Broadcasting Association

1787, also aunty, familiar diminutive form of aunt. As a form of kindly address to an older woman to whom one is not related, originally in southern U.S., of elderly slave women.

The negro no longer submits with grace to be called “uncle” or “auntie” as of yore. [“Harper’s Magazine,” October 1883]


Any elderly, esp black, woman (1800s+)


An antimissile missile

[Air Force; fr humorous mispronunciation of anti]


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