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golden or gilded.
brilliant; splendid.
characterized by an ornate style of writing or speaking.
Historical Examples

The night died suddenly and the day was upon them, an aureate god, lavish of splendor.
Sir Mortimer Mary Johnston

Here and there the falling golden leaves of a pomegranate made an aureate glow on the red-brown earth.
The Fortunate Isles Mary Stuart Boyd

Caiques carrying merchants to their homes somewhere along the upper shores were burnished with the aureate hue.
The Ship Dwellers Albert Bigelow Paine

And just across the area the sun was already beginning to wash all the roofs with its aureate light.
The Rich Little Poor Boy Eleanor Gates

It was after the Restoration that the aureate earth at Kinneff was dug up.
The Spell of Scotland Keith Clark

The golden statue veered in the changing breeze, menacing many points on the horizon with its aureate arrow.
Sixes and Sevens O. Henry

As though spellbound, Chichikov sat in an aureate world of ever-growing dreams and fantasies.
Dead Souls Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

The aureate light, streaming on, beat full upon the howitzer and on the living and unwounded of its men.
The Long Roll Mary Johnston

covered with gold; gilded
of a golden colour
(of a style of writing or speaking) excessively elaborate or ornate; florid

early 15c., “gold, gold-colored,” also figuratively, “splendid, brilliant,” from Latin aureatus “decorated with gold,” from aureus “golden,” from aurum “gold,” from PIE *aus- (cf. Sanskrit ayah “metal,” Avestan ayo, Latin aes “brass,” Old English ar “brass, copper, bronze,” Gothic aiz “bronze,” Old Lithuanian ausas “gold”), probably related to root *aus- “to shine” (see aurora).


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