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a pigment used in painting, consisting of potassium cobaltinitrite and characterized by its brilliant yellow hue, transparency, and permanence.
Historical Examples

To our knowledge, aureolin is quite uninjured by the severest tests to which a pigment can be subjected.
Field’s Chromatography George Field

With this and aureolin a series of beautiful foliage tints may be formed, sparkling with sunshine, as it were.
Field’s Chromatography George Field

For mural decoration, aureolin is admirably adapted, but it cannot be used in enamel, the colour being destroyed by great heat.
Field’s Chromatography George Field

With French blue it affords a beautiful sea green; and, mixed with aureolin, gives fine foliage tints.
Field’s Chromatography George Field

Of these colours, aureolin is the most expensive, but it is a very beautiful colour, and has the advantage of being permanent.
Illumination and its Development in the Present Day Sidney Farnsworth

Rose madder mixed with violet lake, and a touch of aureolin and Italian pink might do it!
The Jolliest Term on Record Angela Brazil


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