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  • Auriculotemporal

    auriculotemporal auriculotemporal au·ric·u·lo·tem·po·ral (ô-rĭk’yə-lō-těm’pər-əl, -těm’prəl) adj. Of or relating to the auricle of the ear and the temple.

  • Auriculotemporal nerve

    auriculotemporal nerve auriculotemporal nerve n. A branch of the mandibular nerve that passes through the parotid gland, terminates in the skin of the temple and the scalp, sends branches to the external acoustic meatus, tympanic membrane, parotid gland, and auricle, and also sends a communicating branch to the facial nerve.

  • Auriculotherapy

    noun a form of acupuncture on points of the outer ear for the relief of pain in other parts of the body; also called [auricular acupuncture], auricular therapy , ear acupuncture Word Origin Latin auricula ‘outer ear’ + therapy

  • Auriculoventricular

    . Historical Examples In the region of the auriculoventricular junction it loses its compactness, the fibers divide, and the bundle seems to fork. Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension: Louis Marshall Warfield

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