a village in S France: many prehistoric artifacts found in area.
Historical Examples

The new-comers owning descent from an Orang-utan-like forerunner are represented by the Aurignac skeleton and its congeners.
Prehistoric Man W. L. H. Duckworth

The Aurignac and Brx skulls are distinctly longer and narrower than that of Brnn .
Prehistoric Man W. L. H. Duckworth

Eighteen years after this event, that is in 1860, M. douard Lartet paid a visit to Aurignac.
Primitive Man Louis Figuier

The mayor of Aurignac ordered all the bones to be taken out and re-interred in the parish cemetery.
Men of the Old Stone Age Henry Fairfield Osborn

Doctor Amiel, Mayor of Aurignac, caused all these bones to be collected together, and they were buried in the parish cemetery.
Primitive Man Louis Figuier

We seem here to be in the presence of the survival of a custom which dates from the times of Aurignac.
The Bronze Age and the Celtic World Harold Peake

By some authors it is regarded as clearly associated with the other examples just mentioned (Brx, Brnn, and Aurignac).
Prehistoric Man W. L. H. Duckworth

An argument, however, having an opposite leaning may perhaps be founded on the phenomena of Aurignac.
The Geological Evidence of The Antiquity of Man Charles Lyell

First—Because of the modern style of the works of art at Aurignac.
The Geological Evidence of The Antiquity of Man Charles Lyell

The Aurignac cave, also in France, was no doubt a family or tribal burial place.
Geology William J. Miller

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