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Austin dobson

(Henry) Austin, 1840–1921, English poet, biographer, and essayist.
Historical Examples

And certainly he works in accord with the measure of Mr. austin dobson’s verses.
English Book-Illustration of To-day Rose Esther Dorothea Sketchley

Mr. austin dobson’s charming translation of this was originally intended to appear in the present writer’s essay above mentioned.
A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1 George Saintsbury

Critics say that our modern poetry is all sad; and so it is, save when the dainty muse of Mr. austin dobson smiles upon us.
Side Lights James Runciman

austin dobson, Henley, and Swinburne have written successfully in this form.
The Principles of English Versification Paull Franklin Baum

From Cowper to austin dobson, the poets have had their fling at it.
The Art of Entertaining M. E. W. Sherwood

But in verse Mr. austin dobson is, in his own restricted field, unsurpassed.
The London Mercury, Vol. I, Nos. 1-6, November 1919 to April 1920 Various

It remains to express my warmest acknowledgment of Mr austin dobson’s unfailing counsel and assistance.
Henry Fielding: A Memoir G. M. Godden

By poetic license, quite pardonable when assumed by austin dobson or by Praed, we speak of the leisure of the eighteenth century.
London Walter Besant

The whole of the last chapter of this sketch is devoted, by Mr. austin dobson, to the topic of English illustrated books.
The Library Andrew Lang

austin dobson has translated several of the odes into the French forms and many other poets have turned their hand to the task.
Rhymes and Meters Horatio Winslow


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