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(initial capital letter) .
a monetary unit of Argentina, equal to 100 centavos: replaced the peso in 1985.
(def 6).
Historical Examples

Whilst that in the other hemisphere he calls south, austral or antarctic.
Makers of Electricity Brother Potamian

Certainly he was not on board the austral, as I took my passage in her to Adelaide.
Christopher Crayon’s Recollections J. Ewing Ritchie

On the whole, a more cheerless life than that of the people of this austral capital would be hard to imagine.
The Gold Diggings of Cape Horn John R. Spears

Situated as it were in the centre of this austral Ocean, the future highway of the world, it is accessible from all quarters.
Under the Southern Cross Maturin M. Ballou

The austral and the Orient can be moored alongside natural wharves in the very heart of the city.
Town Life in Australia R. E. N. (Richard) Twopeny

I have never been actually to Southfields, but I suppose a scheme of lemons and olives represent their austral instincts.
The Napoleon of Notting Hill Gilbert K. Chesterton

Precisely the same argument applies to the austral negro and the Hottentot.
The Story of the Earth and Man J. W. Dawson

The austral land is referred to as “Terra australis nuper inventa, sed nondum plene examinata.”
Terrestrial and Celestial Globes Vol I Edward Luther Stevenson

In general, the austral regions had very few annuals, and among their restricted number none offered evident advantages.
Origin of Cultivated Plants Alphonse De Candolle

The austral Ocean alone exceeds in extent all other seas together, and covers almost one-half of the entire globe.
The Sea Jules Michelet

of or coming from the south: austral winds
noun (pl) -trales (-trɑːlɛs)
a former monetary unit of Argentina equal to 100 centavos, replaced by the peso

1540s, from Latin australis, from auster (see auster).
Relating to the south or to southern regions of the globe.


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