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Australian alps

a mountain range in SE Australia. Highest peak, Mt. Kosciusko, 7328 feet (2234 meters).
Historical Examples

Once the Australian Alps had their tremendous peaks, and hills of unmelting ice.
Switzerland Frank Fox

It is sometimes called the Australian Alps, and some of the peaks are 7,000 feet high.
Jean, Our Little Australian Cousin Mary F. Nixon-Roulet

The Australian Alps are of no great thickness, and the base is not more than eight miles wide.
In Search of the Castaways Jules Verne

The plains which lay at the foot of the Australian Alps were level, but slightly inclined toward the east.
In Search of the Castaways Jules Verne

plural noun
a mountain range in SE Australia, in E Victoria and SE New South Wales. Highest peak: Mount Kosciuszko, 2195 m (7316 ft)


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