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a combining form of :
a combining form meaning “south,” used in the formation of compound words:
combining form
southern: Austro-Asiatic
combining form
Austrian: Austro-Hungarian

comb. form meaning “Austrian;” see Austria.


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  • Austro-prussian war

    the war (1866) in which Prussia, Italy, and some minor German states opposed Austria, Saxony, Hanover, and the states of southern Germany.

  • Austro-asiatic

    noun a hypothetical phylum or superfamily of languages consisting of Mon-Khmer and certain other languages of India and South-East Asia. Links with Malayo-Polynesian have also been suggested

  • Austro-hungarian

    a monarchy (1867–1918) in central Europe that included the empire of Austria, the kingdom of Hungary, and various crown lands. Contemporary Examples But it also opens outward to offer a sharp look at the fatal codes of honor dominating the austro-hungarian military caste system. The Kaffeehaus Canon George Prochnik December 30, 2010 When my father […]

  • Austroasiatic

    a family of languages spoken in SE Asia and the landsaround the Bay of Bengal and consisting principally of Vietnamese, Khmer, Mon, Khasi, Nicobarese, and the Munda languages. of or relating to Austroasiatic.

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