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variant of 1. before a vowel:
either a Caesar or nothing; all or nothing.
Historical Examples

Spe cogunt captivum infelicem ingredi per subjectos ignes: aut frusta su carnis mandere, ac vivo sepulcro condere.
The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. I: Acadia, 1610-1613 Various

His Weimar teacher believed in the motto: aut Lizst, aut nihil!
Painted Veils James Huneker

And in another place, Nunquid conjungere valebis micantes stellas Pleiadas, aut gyrum Arcturi poteris dissipare?
The Advancement of Learning Francis Bacon

An error in verbis Purshii, ut loco “floribus” legendum sit “involucris” aut “fasciculis?”
Travels in the Interior of North America, 1832-1834, Part III (the Text Being Chapters XXVIII-XXXIII of the London Edition, 1843, and the Appendix a Combination of the Appendices of the London and German [Coblentz, 1839] Editions) Maximilian, Prinz von Wied

Their motto, aut vincere aut mori, seemed high-sounding in the early years.
The Old First Massachusetts Coast Artillery in War and Peace Frederick Morse Cutler

They determined to put all at hazard, and to be aut Csar aut nullus.
Novanglus, and Massachusettensis John Adams

The motto aut Caesar aut nullus is principally nonsense, we take it.
The Fiend’s Delight Dod Grile

Not so—aut inveniam viam, aut faciam—I will discover or contrive a remedy.
Quentin Durward Sir Walter Scott

We write of Fairies, Fays, Elves, aut alio quo nomine gaudent.
The Fairy Mythology Thomas Keightley

The device, aut Csar, aut nihil, was worthy of a man of energy and courage.
Csar or Nothing Po Baroja Baroja

Association of University Teachers
combining form
a variant of auto-


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