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autecic au·te·cic (ô-tē’sĭk) or au·te·cious (-shəs)
Relating to or being a parasite that infects the same host throughout its entire lifecycle.


Read Also:

  • Autecious

    . adjective a variant spelling of autoecious

  • Autecism

    . the development of the entire life cycle of a parasitic fungus on a single host or group of hosts.

  • Autecology

    a branch of dealing with the individual organism or species in relation to its environment. noun the ecological study of an individual organism or species Compare synecology autecology (ô’tĭ-kŏl’ə-jē) The branch of ecology that deals with the biological relationship between an individual organism or an individual species and its environment. Compare synecology.

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